Specializing in manufacturing, trading and exporting ready-made clothes, tailored fashion and hand embroidered products since 1996. We are more and more successful in relating with  clients from many countries all over the world, especially clients from  France, America, England, Spain, Norway, Japan, and … We have experience in fulfilling  many export contracts.

     Our company is located in the centre of the town. It is very convenient to visit and see the various traditional handicrafts : sleeping mat weaving, lantern making, wood carving ... being carried out by our talented artisans . Their skills have been passed down through generations in Hoi An.      

 With a staff of over 400 enthusiastic, polite, honest and experienced employees who are always at your service, we are sure that you will be satisfied when you come to our workshop.

      Thang Loi Company is an ideal location for visiting and shopping.


    It is our pleasure to welcome you. Our thanks in advance to Tour Organizations and their clients. We would like to extend to them our gratitude.

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Thang Loi company


Add:  92 Phan Chu Trinh St. - Hoi An - Quang Nam - Viet Nam

Tel:   084.235.3864610   -   0084.235.3863896    

Fax:   084.235.3862334

Email : thangloi@thangloi-hoian.com

Website: www.thangloi-hoian.com





Add : 92 Phan Chu Trinh St., Hoi An - Quang Nam - Vietnam
Tel  : 0084.23
5.3864610  -  0084.235.3863896 

Fax  : 0084.235.3862334

Email : thangloi@thangloi-hoian.com